2-Methylbutyl 2-Methylbutyrate


2-Methylbutyl 2-Methylbutyrate is sweet fruity modifier sour estery strawberry pineapple green creamy waxy fatty green peach berry tutti-frutti apple banana.

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The odour and uses of 2-Methylbutyl 2-Methylbutyratesweet fruity estery green waxy fatty pineapple


butanoic acid, 2-methyl-, 2-methylbutyl ester butyric acid, 2-methyl-, 2-methylbutyl ester hops butyrate 2-methyl butanoic acid 2-methyl butyl ester methyl butyl (2) 2 methyl butyrate 2-methyl butyl 2-methyl butanoate 2-methyl butyl-2-methyl butyrate 2-methyl butyric acid 2-methyl butyl ester 2-methylbutanoic acid 2-methylbutyl ester 2-methylbutanoic acid, 2-methylbutyl ester 2-methylbutyl 2-methylbutanoate 2-methylbutyl 2-methylbutyrate D-2- methylbutyl 2-methylbutyrate nat.2-methylbutyl 2-methylbutyrate nat.D-2-methylbutyl 2-methylbutyrate 2-methylbutyl 2-methylbutyrate natural 2-methylbutyl DL-2-methylbutyrate 2-methylbutyl-2-methyl butyrate 2-methylbutyl-2-methyl butyrate natural 2-methylbutyl-2-methylbutyrate natural 2-methylbutyl-D-2-methylbutyrate 2-methylbutyric acid 2-methylbutyl ester DL-2-methylbutyric acid 2-methylbutyl ester

Technical Specification

Product 2-Methylbutyl 2-Methylbutyrate
Physical State Colourless liquid
Specific Gravity 0.8550
Refractive Index 0.0000
Melting Point 0
Boiling Point 71
Flash Point 88


CAS No. 67634-00-8
FEMA 3359


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